Investment Thesis Area: Startups Using Nutrition to Improve Healthcare Outcomes

Building healthier eating habits is an onerous undertaking, and can oftentimes be discouraging – the American food and beverage industry has certainly not made it any easier, either. At FCA, we are excited about the entrepreneurs who recognize this and seek to find a long-term solution to improving healthcare outcomes through concentrated nutrition guidance.

Better Ways to Communicate Hospital Data to Physicians

Harvard Business Review recently conducted an in-depth study at Lumere to gain insight into physicians’ perceptions of clinical variation and the factors influencing their choices of drugs and devices. Based on a survey of 276 physicians, our study results show that it’s necessary to consistently and frequently share cost data and clinical evidence with physicians, regardless of whether they’re affiliated with or directly employed by a hospital.

ProviderTrust Named to the 2018 Inc. 5000 List

Our ProviderTrust team is so excited to be honored for the third consecutive year on the 2018 Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Only 1 in 4 companies have continued to make the list three times, showcasing our continued growth, focus, and service to our customers. We are always challenging ourselves to be engaged in the healthcare community, and are driven by providing simple solutions for compliance and HR professionals. 

Investment Area of Interest: End-of-Life and Palliative Care

End-of-life care is an important part of the care continuum for patients and the families of patients with terminal conditions or those encroaching upon old age. Palliative care is one option for end-of-life care and is specifically focused on symptom and pain management for patients with serious illnesses; it is not necessarily limited to patients in their last days or months of life and can be administered across a variety of care settings (from home to hospital)

Vericred Announces Provider Network Analytics Suite for Insurance Carriers

“Vericred’s new provider network analytics suite offers a graphical, 360 degree view of a carrier’s own networks and those of their competitors,” said Michael W. Levin, Vericred’s co-founder and CEO. “Networks, broad and narrow, are a key health insurance product differentiator. Our network analytics suite, developed based on feedback from carrier partners, helps carriers identify competitive advantages and weaknesses and to curate their networks to strengthen their product offerings.”