Investment Thesis Area: Oncology Tech

Please enjoy this report on "Oncology in America: Aligning Incentives and Improving Outcomes". This is an area of the healthcare industry that FCA is interested in investing in. The report was put together by Alex O'Shaughnessey, who is a Junior at Vanderbilt University and completed a Spring internship with FCA.

Here is a brief excerpt from the report, "The Oncology space offers an attractive market opportunity for the rapidly growing number of cancer-focused startups. The transition to value-based reimbursement is fueling this market opportunity by pressuring providers to improve processes and reduce costs. Although relatively new, MIPS and the Oncology Care Model supply the incentive for providers to adopt technologies that succeed in making cancer care faster, better, and cheaper. Skeptics are pessimistic about the longevity of MIPS as Congress takes aim at the sometimes-excessive reporting requirements, but experts agree that the concept of value-based reimbursement is part of healthcare’s future. Additionally, tech solutions can help to mitigate the negative trends in oncology such as increasingly cumbersome reporting requirements, the rising rates of oncologist burnout, and the challenges of patient treatment adherence. To solve these problems, software platforms will assist with clinical standardization, precision treatment planning, and patient symptom reporting, reducing costs for providers."

Click this link to download the report