Pathfinder Health Innovations recognized as one of the most promising Big Data Solution Providers of 2016.

Jeff Blackwood, President and CEO of Pathfinder Health Innovations, has a strong passion for music and visual arts such as ceramics and painting. His love and appreciation for creativity helps to clear his mind to objectively explore and determine ways to reduce paperwork in the therapy processes. By combining his interest in painting and music while leading Pathfinder Health Innovations Forward, Blackwood emphasizes the delivery of cogent solutions for therapists to track the progress of skill acquisition and behaviors for children with autism. The same type of creativity shown on canvas and painting is included in the design of our software solution to help autism therapists", says Blackwood. 

Founded in 2010 with a goal to enhance learning for children on the Autism Spectrum of Disorders (ASD), the Kansas City-based company provides data collection, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions for autism therapy centers. 

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