MedAptus and Entrada Announce Corporate Partnership

Entrada and MedAptus® today announced a formal partnership to integrate Entrada's technology and services within the MedAptus Pro Charge Capture solution. MedAptus, a leading revenue cycle and charge management company, will deploy Entrada's dictation recording tools directly within its mobile application to complement the pro fee coding process, enabling MedAptus users to take advantage of Entrada's streamlined documentation workflow to ultimately improve the efficiency of its provider base. The partnership will also enable Entrada and MedAptus to market and sell the combined solution to both companies' rapidly growing provider communities.

MedAptus' comprehensive charge capture and management application suite simplifies and streamlines professional coding and billing processes for both physicians and back-office support personnel. In addition to driving strong financial benefit, the adoption of MedAptus improves provider compliance adherence, of critical importance with ICD-10 looming, and yields overall productivity gains. The MedAptus technology is applicable to any setting of care with customers that include large academic practice plans and IDNs, mid-sized provider groups and single specialty practices.

With Entrada, providers can dictate from anywhere via a smartphone or tablet; after back-end processing and editing, Entrada's proprietary technology automatically inserts the finished narrative directly into individual text fields within a patient's EHR record. This unique capability gives providers the freedom to dictate within EHR templates without being inside the system, driving EHR adoption and compliance without sacrificing provider productivity. MedAptus offers similar value, allowing clinicians to complete charge capture with a powerful, flexible set of coding tools available in both ICD-10 and ICD-9; charge data derived in MedAptus can also seamlessly update a patient's EHR record. These complementary tools enable providers to use intuitively designed mobile apps that extend the value of current clinical IT investments.

The new MedAptus/Entrada integrated solution enables caregivers to capture and assign dictated documentation automatically to an associated patient charge, all from within the MedAptus Pro app. Provider access to demographic, diagnosis and procedure information during the dictation process supports fast, accurate and thorough documentation from the point-of-care. Along with a seamless user experience, the combined solution also eliminates existing inefficiencies historically created by disparate and non-integrated systems, speeding up the documentation process and accelerating payment. Also, with a simple, efficient way to capture detailed narrative, clinicians are empowered to create more robust documentation to ensure the most legally defensible and audit-proof clinical record of the patient encounter.

"MedAptus and Entrada share a common belief that to truly improve healthcare efficiencies for providers, you must keep a laser focus on enhancing existing workflows. We firmly believe that our partnership with Entrada will give the MedAptus customer base a new modality to quickly capture more robust documentation when entering a charge," noted Gene Schneider, president and CEO of MedAptus.

"We are very excited to be partnering with such an innovative and caregiver-focused company like MedAptus," said Bill Brown, CEO of Entrada. "We believe this partnership will enable providers to capture increasing levels of detailed clinical data in less time using the devices they have already adopted, ultimately improving quality of care as a direct result of decreased administrative burden."

About MedAptus

MedAptus is the Gold Standard in the healthcare revenue cycle for streamlining multi-step processes to achieve enhanced compliance and workflow efficiency. With offerings that include powerful and easy-to-use charge capture/management and provider credentialing technologies, it is no wonder that many of the nation's most prestigious healthcare organizations rely on MedAptus for financial optimization. Our early and mid-cycle applications dramatically increase revenue, ease ICD-10 implementation pains, improve provider communication and enhance EMR investments. For more information, visit, call 617.896.4000 or follow us on Twitter @MedAptus.

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