FCA Venture Partners Launches Sixth Fund

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 15, 2016) – FCA Venture Partners (“FCA”), the venture capital manager of investment firm Clayton Associates, announced the launch of its’ sixth fund, FCA Venture Partners VI (“FCA VI” or the “Fund”), on January 29.  The Fund is seeking to raise $75 million.  

FCA VI is led by managing partners Matthew King and John Burch, along with CFO and partner Nancy Allen, who have more than 75 years combined operational and investment experience.  

“We continue to be pleased with the ongoing support of our existing investor base following a significant expansion of that base in the previous fund, FCA V", said John Burch.  "In the current financial environment, our investment vehicle is an attractive alternative for investors."  FCA's primary investor base includes high net worth individuals and families along with family offices, regional banks and leading wealth management firms.  The fund will be raising capital over the next 12 to 18 months.

Consistent with its predecessor fund, FCA VI will focus on early to growth stage companies in the healthcare IT and technology sectors with disruptive, scalable business models.  FCA continues to believe opportunity remains in the healthcare industry as providers are forced to learn how to operate in an environment where they face pressures to be faster, better and cost effective - all while providing higher quality care. 

FCA VI will make 10-14 investments ranging from $3 to $6 million in companies with proven technology platforms, multiple customers and revenues of $500,000 to $2 million.  FCA adds value to its portfolio companies through its primary focus on the healthcare IT industry and fostering collaboration between portfolio companies.  FCA engages its network of special operating partners who can make introductions and offer strategic guidance based on their careers in the healthcare industry.  "The healthcare IT sectors continues to grow at three times the rate of the overall economy and this investment thesis provides the opportunity for above market returns with an acceptable risk profile," said Matthew King.

The Fund has made two portfolio investments to date:  Pathfinder Health Innovations, a comprehensive suite of technology products for clinics treating autism, Alzheimer’s, and traumatic brain injuries; and One Medical Passport, a patented software solution connecting patients, medical facilities and doctors, to create more efficient, patient friendly communication, while delivering better financial results by cutting costs and improving the exchange of patient information.