Entrada Launches Rhythm, Healthcare's First-Ever, Universal, Mobile Speech Solution

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Entrada today announced its groundbreaking product innovation Rhythm, a revolutionary new way for all caregivers – from busy surgical specialists to nurses and home health providers – to complement their preferred clinical workflow with both front-end and back-end mobile dictation. As each provider has their own unique style and cadence to their workflow, Rhythm disrupts the “one size fits all” mentality of traditional speech recognition, enabling caregivers to finally dictate on their own terms, no matter which EHR system they use.

Built within Entrada’s mobile productivity platform, Rhythm enables providers to dictate into the unique fields of the EHR template with quick, ‘tap-and-go’ functionality, streamlining the capture of the narrative sections by eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional front-end speech. With Rhythm, providers are fully mobile – completely untethered from the EHR workstation - and are thus no longer slowed down by navigating through multiple pages of the EHR, scrolling through lengthy templates, pointing-and-clicking through data fields and picking up and setting down a tethered microphone to dictate a patient encounter.

With Rhythm, caregivers also have options to better manage the editing of speech recognition. Users are no longer compelled to sit in front of a workstation to self-edit directly after dictating but can review the speech-recognized text whenever and wherever best fits their workflow. A provider can choose to send to transcription when their availability during clinic is already at max capacity. Furthermore, for caregivers who prefer to self-edit, Rhythm offers an optional mobile editing capability, which includes the first-ever ‘clinical keyboard’ built specifically for editing speech-recognized medical documentation.

“Too often, companies build interesting technology without the provider’s workflow in mind and then require them to adapt,” said Bill Brown, Entrada’s CEO. “With Rhythm, we’ve done just the opposite. We started with the provider’s preferences in mind and have created a solution that can be interwoven into each user’s unique workflow.”

Rhythm can also equip the entire coordinated care team with mobile documentation at the point of care, amplifying the amount of robust and high-quality patient data required for coding and billing. For example, a home health nurse visiting a patient can now quickly dictate the critical narrative from their mobile device, ensuring the complete, detailed patient story is captured accurately. The nurse can then either edit the speech-recognized text from their mobile device or return the text directly to the EHR inside the respective encounter template fields to edit upon arriving back at the clinic.

Another example, a doctor completing morning rounds at the hospital can capture the detailed, unique narrative from their mobile device while walking from room to room and then choose to edit the voice-recognized text later in the afternoon from within the EHR at their clinic, eliminating the need to remember detailed data points from hours earlier while ensuring documentation is completed in a timely manner.

“Architected around patients, tightly integrated with EHRs and truly mobile, Rhythm is an exciting innovation that allows health care organizations to work within their preferred cadences, collaborate across care teams and drive productivity like never before,” said Rob Trumble, Entrada’s COO. “There is just no other solution like Rhythm available anywhere.”

With Rhythm, caregivers can truly operate at the pulse of patient care. Click here to learn more about Entrada’s upcoming product Rhythm.

This article is from Business Wire