FCA Investment Criteria


FCA is focused on investing in companies in Healthcare IT Industry. We are open to investing in Healthcare Services investments, but are prioritizing Healthcare IT. 


Our companies are led by strong management teams with sector specific expertise and a passion for building businesses. Our entrepreneurs often have previous entrepreneurial success.


Companies are often SaaS solutions that make the customer's life more efficient and save them time and money. 




We look for early to growth stage businesses that are capital efficient with scalable and disruptive business models. Companies typically have between $500K and $2M of annual revenue with a proven product and customer base. 


We invest $3M - $6M. We often invest $3-4M as an initial investment and then hold reserves for follow-on investments as companies need more growth capital.


We look to establish a meaningful ownership percentage in each company and serve as the lead investor for every deal. We require a board seat and assist management in building their businesses. 


FCA Example Investment

ProviderTrust is a Nashville, TN based Healthcare Technology company. 

ProviderTrust solves a range of compliance issues within healthcare today:

  • Provide HHS and OIG exclusion list checks for all employees and vendors reporting only when a possible name match has been confirmed to your employee or vendor
  • Deliver a consistent, automated process of verifying and monitoring the credentials of nurses, allied health professionals, technicians and staff
  • Alert appropriate personnel, including each provider, of expiring, missing, or expired required licenses and certifications– ensuring that the properly qualified people are on the floor providing care.

FCA invested in the company in 2012 has continued to invest as they have scaled dramatically since our original investment. The company has grown revenue along with headcount while rapidly improving their technology. FCA has been helpful in areas including business development, budgeting, marketing, human resources and John Burch represents FCA on the company's board of directors.

FCA Investment thesis reports

FCA is actively interested in making investments across the following areas of healthcare as we believe they are ripe for improvement by innovative startups. 

End of Life and Palliative Care

Oncology Tech

Outsourced Care Management

The Nexus of Blockchain and Healthcare

Opioid Abuse